Skin & Bones is comprised of Taylor Borsuk on guitar, vocals, and suitcase drum with Peter Blackwelder on violin. The bluesy duo defined themselves street performing on the salty boardwalk of Venice Beach and continue to grow as musicians as they travel the country. 2016 has been good to Skin & Bones. The duo supported Jackie Greene, lead guitarist of the former Black Crowes, on the western leg of his tour in March. Their well-received E.P. “Ghost in This Town” was released in February, and the momentum is continued with its successor, “Wait No More”. With a sold out record release show at the Hotel Café, and continued positive press Skin & Bones is garnering attention in the Americana music scene.


Relix Magazine - "“Wait No More” highlights the spirited interplay of Taylor Borsuk and Peter Blackwelder"

The Bluegrass Situation - ""'Act Tough' is a testament to the dreamer."

The Revue - "Every song is moving and dynamic. Between the voice and the fiddle – it buries into your soul and doesn’t let go"

Velvet Independent - “evoking emotion of which Skin & Bones’ luscious artistry can achieve, without repeating previous work"

Hits In The Sticks - “Definitely make it worth your time to stop and have a listen"

Girl Underground - “Simplicity with thoughtful placement, and genuine feelings"

Velvet Independent - “They should immediately be given attention by just about every music outlet out there."

Gobsmag - Live in Netherlands (Holland)

Emergin Indie Bands - "Skin & Bones is a bow-and-string-blues duo from the USA"

Ground Sounds - "With roots in Venice Beach, California and soul from Tennessee"

Fresh Beats - "It’s not very often you find a track with something about it that makes you stop and wonder “who is this?“"

Mad Mackerel - “Busking under the sun of Venice Beach"

Rock And Roll Creations - “It is a song that you need to hear"

VC Reporter - “Their sound is rich in its simplicity"

When You Motor Away - “Honed their sound busking in Southern California"

Velvet Independent - "It’s a truly beautiful piece from this LA duo"

The Revue - “They’re creating knee-slapping music that is usually associated with the Deep South"

AudioCred - "The song is an uptempo barn burner that leaves everyone guessing for the next note"

Get Into This - “The track strides an attitudinous drive of lurching guitar scuzz"

Niche Music - Japan loves the blues

The Joy Of Violent Movement - “They do so with an old school, badass swagger"

Play My Tape - Live in Brazil

Ground Sounds - "Seeing your life from a new perspective"

Velvety - Skin & Bones reaches Spain